Our corporate reward programs are custom designed to perfectly fit the needs of your business, municipality, or fund raiser. Thank clients and employees with a gift of ham or turkey. We promise exceptional products regardless of quantity.

Gift Cards

We also offer Gift Cards. Reward your employees with Gift Cards redeemable on the internet. Simply provide us with the number of gift recipients you expect to have, and we will supply you with the same amount of online redemption codes. Redemption codes are entered by the client or employee on a website complete with your company's logo. » View Example

Accept our invitation and browse our wide selection of turkeys and hams for use in your employee, customer, and client gift giving programs. Next, contact us, and together we will develop a memorable gift program that will impress your employees and clients.


All Hams Must Be At Least 2nd Day Air For "HotSpots" OR Warm Climate States. Click Here to See If You're Considered A HotSpot. "Space Bag" in Included In Cost Listed.