Applewood Farms assembles all packages by hand. To ensure your product arrives in quality condition, we package each mail order using freezer bags, Styrofoam containers, REUSABLE 1-2 lb. ice bricks, and an AWF-labeled protective outer box. The freezer bags insulate our vacuum-sealed products and further protect them from external air temperatures. The foam container and ice brick ensure your product remains cold during shipping (note: we use ice bricks because they are a reusable and non-hazardous cooling alternative to dry ice). This combination of carefully considered packing materials provides up to 72 hours of product protection during transit, depending on time of year and destination.

Products are also protected by our package tracking company, Periship.

Periship provides 24/7 coverage and status updates on each package we ship throughout the year. They work with us to help detect and correct any issues a package might encounter on its way to you - anything from package damage to a single digit error on the address label. No worries, Periship has us covered.

We encourage you to check out our FedEx Shipping Zone Table to gauge the required shipment time for your package(s). Perishable products shipped west of Colorado are subject to Express shipping costs, whereas East Coast destinations can usually be sent 2-3 Home Delivery with some exceptions (e.g. Southern Florida, Maine, and rural areas).

If you have any questions about our products or shipping options, please call Quinn at (219) 669-6412, or send an email to