I couldn't find an address on the website to send an official "through the mail" thank you note, and I didn't want one more moment to go by without thanking you for the delicious ham, and the extra gift! Everyone raved about our Easter dinner ham, and I was thrilled to be able to say that I was the one who supplied it, thanks to you. Thank you so much for your generosity, and I see why we get such raves from anyone we've sent one to in the past. I put a review on your facebook page, but if there's anywhere else that I can sing your praises please let me know.

P.S. that glaze is amazing - I even saved the leftovers to use on something else!
Cheers, Laurie

By the way...that was one YUMMY turkey!!!


Just wanted to write and Thank your company for your wonderful hams. We ordered them for the holidays for our entire family, and we have received nothing but raves and requests that we get the same ones next year. Thank you for your wonderful hams.

Custom Boxed Ham Catering Package

Our catering packages come with any of our quality hams (Old Fashioned, Spiral Sliced, Semi-Boneless, EZ-Carve Boneless), glaze packet, plus sliced bread, mayo/mustard packets, plastic utensils, plates, and paper napkins. Our hams are fully cooked and ready to serve. Let us deliver your catering needs - from corporate catering, special events and private parties, to picnics and barbecues. Please note, we need at least 24 hours notice for catering packages. Also, we do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays. All Hams Must Be At Least 2nd Day Air For "HotSpots" OR Warm Climate States. Click Here to See If You're Considered A HotSpot. "Space Bag" in Included In Cost Listed.

Teresa Hering

Michael, Just wanted to wish you the best New Year ever. Thank you so much for the ham. It was wonderful. The whole family enjoyed it. Hope you had a great time sailing. Please keep in touch as I will do the same.

Best regards always, Randy

I wanted to thank you for sending the Christmas ham. It was excellent - in fact my wife stated that in the future she would pass on Honey Baked Hams and order through Applewood. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you.

Sincerely, Steve

Thank you very much for your help in purchasing and delivering the turkeys for our Felton Family Feast in Marion at the Door of Hope Church. We had a very successful event and the turkeys arrived plenty of time in advance. 100 families were able to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday and for that we are grateful. Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

Amanda Murphy

You helped a snotty nose, little brother (Now middle aged), give the perfect gift to four sisters. I'll let you know how they liked the hams.
Joe :)

Joe, thank you and family for the very generous and wonderful gift. It arrived this afternoon and will be consumed over the holidays. I can hardly wait to have it, and then comes the soup with the left overs. YUM!!!!!!!! To all of you we wish a wonderful and blessed Christmas,


Joe your package arrived. I tell you I could smell the ham when I brought the box in. Cannot wait for ham sandwiches! How generous! Thank you very much. Love you all too!!


Hi Joe, Melaina and Mary, Well, the delectable ham came perfect. I don't know how they do it...the ice packs were completely frozen! We will certainly enjoy every bite. Ron was quite excited when I told him. I haven't told my wayward child yet ;-) Love and miss you all so much!


Dear Joe,Melaina, and Miss Mary Thank you so much for the Ham you sent us. We will definitely have this for Christmas Day dinner. (and Split Pea Soup the next day). It is frozen so I put it in the freezer. It was packed well. Happy Holidays. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Love,

Wendell and Ann

Served one of your hams for Thanksgiving and it was a slam dunk hit with the family! You know the food is a hit when all you hear are caveman grunts of approval while they eat! Needless to say, a battle ensued shortly after dinner for the leftovers! You are now the 'go to guys' for our holiday hams!

Jeff W

Just wanted to send a note to let you know that not only was the ham delivered as promised, it was a big hit! For many years we have ordered a honey baked ham, but I wanted to try something different. After all of the odd looks and doubtful comments, nothing but praise was given when the ham was served. I wanted to thank you for your prompt, personal, and honest service and I will be ordering from you again! Thanks for making our Thanksgiving one to remember. My mother is terminally ill and this will probably be the last Thanksgiving we will have with her, but it was great and one to be remembered and your product made it even more special.

Drew B. - Gaston, SC

You did such a great job helping me get a ham to our family in Dagsboro MD last month. It was a bereavement situation. You found the best shipping, you were persistent, you worked it out. I just wanted you to know that we got a nice thank you from them, and you deserve a bunch of that thank you! They said the ham was great, and as they are a young family, shouldering the burden of a dying grandpa in the hospital, dinner was the last consideration for a few weeks. They really enjoyed and appreciated the ham.... Thank you for getting it there!

MaryAnne M. - Sarasota, FL

Just a quick note to say how wonderful your hams are. We had your fire torched on Christmas Day. The ham was so fantastic. We could not get enough of it, our guests kept returning for more servings. This ham was like the Filet Mignon of steaks. We have never had a more delicious ham. Tender, sweet, pleasant to the palate. You have a definite new family for customers. I am glad we ordered 3 hams. Our favorite is the Fire Torched


I must say that the turkeys that we ordered from Applewood last year is just as perfect this year. I personally made the turkey and I could not believe how wonderful that turkey tasted. Also the way it was packaged, SO CLEAN and not a drop of fat. All meat and delicious.


Thank you. Your turkey was. Delicious, the best one I ever made. My guests could not stop praising my turkey. Looking forward to next year.

Helen L.


Hilda V.

Thank you so much. I have informed my parents of the shipping upgrade to my cousin in Florida and they were extremely impressed with the turnaround in shipping time. Looking forward to using your site in the future. Thanks Again,

Rob B

Just a short note to let you know the brown sugar ham was really enjoyed by our guests at our thanksgiving meal. Thanks for the great service, will call on you again when we need to entertain holiday guests.

Greg H.

The turkey I ordered was delicious. I live in S. Florida and my turkey arrived frozen even after 3 days in transit. The turkey was tender and had a wonderful flavor. The leftovers did not last long. Thanks Applewood.

Carolyn D.

Just wanted you to know that we received the ham and were very pleased with the flavor and packing. We can't stop picking at it. We ate it cold but I could only imagine how great it would be warmed. Thank you! You will be receiving an order from our company very soon.

Gaten M. - Philadelphia, PA

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much my family totally enjoyed the ham that I ordered from you for our Christmas celebration. I will definitely be using you again next year -- thank you!

Linda B. - Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we were with the hams that were sent out to a few of our vendors. We sent out 9 hams and I have heard nothing but good reports from 7 of the 9. The other 2 were not bad reports, just no report at all. In fact, one of the vendors called on Christmas Eve as his family was at the dinner table eating the ham, to tell us how delicious it was. I will definitely be telling others. Thanks so much for the good quality product.

Sharon W. - Glenford, OH

Thank you. Your turkey was delicious. The best one I ever made! My guests could not stop praising my turkey. Looking forward to next year.

Helen L, New York City